Monday, January 12, 2009


Most of Sackville was already excited about the Wintersleep/Plants and Animals show on the 20th to close off Stereophonic 6. Me, I was excited, but no more than for the Tom Fun show, who I know put on an awesome show. I've seen Wintersleep more times than I can count, but not for a while now...

Morgan informed me that PEI's New Royalty have been asked to open the show and have accepted (duh!). This is the icing on the cake for me to make the show from thoroughly enjoyable to AWESOMESAUCE, both for the chance to see them and for the chance for a small, young band like them to open for these nationally recognised and popular groups. So, congratulations to Morgan and the rest of New Royalty! If you weren't already going to the Wintersleep show, go now! Serious. Awesome.

I picked up my Stereophonic wristband today. There is a stuffed pheasant on the table. Go and check it out.

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