Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stereophonic, Day 4 (Pt. 1)

most photo credit to vanessa blackier

I'll be honest. Saturday felt a little weird, the whole time through. I don't know what it was, it might have been just me, but something felt off. Usually, I enjoy shows at Struts, where the first show was. And it wasn't a bad show. The middle part of it was lovely, but the beginning and the end were misses, in my thoughts, and I was outside walking for most of them. West Ave opened the show and El Ron Maltan & the Dice closed it, but I didn't see much of either of them, so I won't be talking about them.

From what I could tell, Julie and Fred arrived a little late, or at least Julie did, I didn't notice when Fred got in, so The Superfantastics played before Calm Down It's Monday, contrary to the advertisement. This led to a number of people I know missing the Superfantastics. This is why you go to the whole show, you silly people! The Superfantastics were just that. It was a lovely set, and they're just super-cute. Matt seems a little bit full of himself, but shh! Steph, for her part, is adorable, and there's something delightful and danceable about their music. I hadn't heard very much of them before the show, but coming out of that I'd call myself at least something of a fan. I picked up their 7" EP, Choose Your Destination, which came with 3D glasses! 3D glasses!! How utterly fabulous. They played a tight set, and a pretty one. The highlight for me was Lullaby Punches. Great tune. Great! Listen to it, love it, fall in love with Steph & Matt! They're just a whole lot of fun indie rock & roll, products of that delightful Halifax music scene. Thank you, Maritimes, for giving the world so much delightful music!

The Superfantastics - The Astronomer

The Superfantastics - Glitter

Calm Down It's Monday, composed of Julie Doiron and Fred Squire (under the name Dick Morello for some reason I've never quite understood, but I never know how to ask him) came on a few minutes after the Superfantastics had finished. They played a rather disorganised but nonetheless lovely set composed of a number of half-songs, one dedicated to/written for Al Tuck which never really created itself into a full and proper song, just bits and pieces. I enjoyed them quite a bit, but this wasn't the opinion of everyone. A good friend of mine said he rather disliked it just for that reason of utter disorganisation and their playing maybe 3 and a half songs over the course of their ordinary length of a set (about 30 minutes, let's say). I, on the other hand, thought it was cute, and lovely. These folks are a lot of fun, after all, and Fred is, even though he was awfully disorganised, a remarkably entertaining person. And do I really need to say how I feel about Julie? I do so adore that girl, and she really is just remarkably cute. The highlight of the show, I think, was their cover of Dearest by Buddy Holly. I wish I had an example of their music, but all I can do is direct you to their myspace and hope you like them. To close the show, Fred got out a saxophone and Julie found a broken trumpet, which they began to play. Après ça, they were finished, and I fairly promptly left to make my way up to George's Roadhouse for the show which was soon to start--a show which will be described in my next post.

Struts wasn't entirely a disappointment, and I always love seeing Julie, but like I said, there was this weird feeling hanging over my head the whole while, and I'm not at all sure what it was. I just felt off, but still managed to enjoy myself somewhat. Likewise at George's, but I always enjoy myself at George's!

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