Thursday, January 29, 2009


Sometimes, I get sad. Yes! Even me!

But when I get sad, I have a sure-fire solution. And a back-up sure-fire solution, when the sure-fire solution is unattainable.

To quit my being sad and return to my usual degree of epic awesomeitude, I do nothing more than pop my Top Gun DVD into the player and chill with Mav and Goose. However, after his breakup, I lent my Top Gun DVD to an old friend. He still hasn't gotten it back to me. If you read this blog, bro, and I hope you do, I want my Top Gun back. Soon. So nights like this don't require a back-up.

My back-up is, of course, my Get Psyched mix CD + playlist. It includes the most important part of Top Gun, that being Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone. Track 3. Other highlights: Jump (track 2), Tom Sawyer (track 8), The Final Countdown (track 10), Eye of the Tiger (track 14), Song 2 (track 17), Don't Stop Believin' (track 20), and You Give Love A Bad Name to open the whole thing up. Awesome. This is how you keep things awesome, bloggees: Arena Rock.

And scotch.

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a said...

you've lost that looooovin feeeeling