Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I know I haven't been posting much lately, but I'm really focussing on my studies at the moment. I'll write a rant or a review of one of those albums I snatched from Sharon or something sometime soon, but not yet. Now I'll just give you a rundown of my first radio show.


1. The Port City Allstars - Pettin' Dogs
2. Sharp Like Knives - Holy Gaud
3. New Royalty - Fluorescent
4. Wintersleep - Avalanche
5. Old Man Luedecke - Just Like A River
6. Jessie Kussin - Dodging Daggers
7. Kyrie Kristmanson - Oh, Montmartre
8. Matt & Chris Time - Lucy and Disasters, too
9. Woodhands - Dancer
10. Shotgun & Jaybird - Marquee Glass
11. The Tom Fun Orchestra - You Will Land With A Thud

Any questions about any of this music, where you can find it, etc, come to me. Or just google them, an awful lot of them have myspaces. Most of them, I should imagine. All of them, likely. Stay tuned next week for another block of absolute wonder from this strange man in your noise box.

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