Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh, world!

I signed the lease on my apartment today. The Sackville market is a little funky, the lease doesn't start until June but I was advised to jump on it ASAP to risk losing it. It's in such a prime location, too, right on Bridge St where the tent goes up for street concerts. Fingers crossed for another Sappyfest this summer. If any of my roommates read this, I call dibs on the room at the top of the stairs. I found the apartment, I should get first pick!

I'm almost through writing my exams, I'm done on Wednesday. Christmas is only ten days away, but it doesn't at all feel like it. Oh well, Christmas just means going back to Saint John for a few weeks and leaving this town I love for the doldrums of suburbia. It won't be all bad, though. It will be nice to sleep in a double bed, again.

The world feels a little bit beautiful these days. It's always calm before the storm, though, and given my world is feeling so calm, relaxed, and beautiful, I'm anticipating a zombie invasion just after Christmas. Mark my words.

While we're here, I'll post a song for your troubles. This, I currently cannot get out of my head. Do enjoy.

Henri Fabergé & the Adorables - Favourite Kisses

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