Saturday, December 20, 2008

His work is all wrong.

I have made a sort of pre-New Year's resolution to for the remainder of 2008 listen only to Canadian music. I've done this since the 17th, and have come nowhere near running out or getting tired. Canadian music is a joy, and most of what I need is here. I mean, sure, I could really use some Decemberists or Jens Lekman or Sigur Ros, but I can wait til January when I have the Tom Fun Orchestra and Julie Doiron and Laura Barrett. I bet I could even live on East Coast music if I had to, but I'm not going to try. Not yet, anyway. Maybe that's my next project.

I have decided to tonight keep my trousers up not with a belt but with something similar thereto. I will reveal what this is in my review of the Tom Fun show I'm seeing. Just be assured: it is both epic and slightly legendary.

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