Monday, December 22, 2008

Actual musings on linguistics and cheese.

I would like to direct you, readers, viewers, those forced to read my blog at gunpoint, and whoever else may see this--that is, so long as you are users of iTunes--to the podcasts of Stephen Fry. His latest, released this past Sunday, is a discussion of Language, and I cannot do it any sort of justice in detailing its contents. You rather should listen to it, for one as delighted by the, as he puts it, juiciness of language as Fry spending half an hour discussing its nature and use is a matter of absolute ecstasy. Well, I doubt it shall be ecstasy for many aside from myself, for few I know take such delight in language and in words as I do, but please, do listen to and enjoy his podcast. Simply type his name into the search bar and you, mes amis, sont well on your way.

I think that this is the first time I've posted anything directly related to the title of this blog, for in his discussion of langue and parole, Fry states: "Cheese is real" as a comparison to the concretitude of utterance. Therefore this is indeed a compilation of musings on linguistics and cheese.

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