Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blast from the past.

When I was just getting into the music I listen to today, crawling out of my my cocoon of The Beatles and The Tragically Hip, I was after about a year buffeted by new albums from those singers and groups who got me listening to music in the first place. Hawksley Workman put out Lover/Fighter (a disappointment), Rufus Wainwright put out Want One (which is just adorable), a little later Sarah Harmer put out All Of Our Names (a classic) and Tegan & Sara put out So Jealous (which I never got into). But in this 2003/04 avalanche of music that I'd already heard of, something happened which I did not expect. A dark horse for my mostly Canadian affections: a California indie rock band called Grandaddy released what was their third album, Sumday and on it, opening the record in fact, as most of you have probably heard, was the absolutely infectious Now It's On. This song has worked its way into my blood and I can't turn on a light without that hook attacking me, in the best way. A local duo did a cover of it at a coffeehouse a couple of years ago, and that rendition has stuck with me, too. An infectious song if ever there was one. So, here you are:

Click! Do do do do do oo do.

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