Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another blast from the past.

Hawksley Workman was my gateway drug into real music. I first heard him when I was in grade 7 or grade 8, and really got into his music in 2002 when I got to high school, and got myself a copy of The Delicious Wolves. When I saw him, I forget if this was when I did in 2004 or when I almost did in 2005 but the show was cancelled at the last minute, I picked up an album of early recordings he'd done, back in 1998, and just put out. For one who thinks The Delicious Wolves/Almost A Full Moon were the last good albums he put out, this was exciting. And the music is delicious. So now I'm going to share a couple of tracks with you. Do enjoy.

Hawksley Workman - Every Creepy Pusher
Hawksley Workman - I Can Be A Rock
Hawksley Workman - Your Naked Body

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