Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm in complete control.

The album closes with a track called Fighting, Fucking & Cars. That's a rock & roll song title, that is.

The Job claim to channel the 70s with their retro punk rock sound. I'll give them that. They definitely channel 70s Mancs, or South London--they sound like they could be born and bred there, come up through the estate housing with no hopes (see Killer). But no, they're out of a different London--London, Ontario.

From suburban Ontario you might expect a faux-punk sound the likes of what we've seen for the last fifteen years on MuchMusic and MTV, but this isn't that. They don't so much for me elicit a comparison to classic punk as to modern garage rock. I'm thinking of The Libertines and the off-shoot thereof, Dirty Pretty Things.

I found The Job's self-titled full-length (where else?) in the booth at CHMA. The cover of the album [pictured] screamed "punk" at me, but I still wasn't sure what to expect. You know all those bands who think they're punk rock, who claim to be punk rock, and in the end just come up short, but from the start of the first track, The Night, I knew this was what I'd been looking for. Sloppy, screaming guitars and the vocals... well, you have to hear! Now, I have no idea of these cats' attitude, but their music screams punk. Not the overtly anarcho-political punk that has defined the genre in my mind but it still has that Sid Vicious-esque sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll kick to it. I like the album a lot. I haven't heard new punkish rock this good since the first Dirty Pretty Things record.

They're on myspace. Check them out.

The Job - Ten Times
The Job - Problem

Rating: 7.5/10
Released: recently (can't find a release date anywhere)

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