Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bugs for breakfast! Bigger bugs for lunch!

I guess I'm just getting around to all the album reviews that I missed when I was on a slight hiatus from posting... and just rather non-blogificationing. I don't know what I mean. Well, this is a beautiful album. It's simply beautiful.

Jenny Omnichord (Jenny Mitchell) recently put out Charlotte or Otis: Duets for Children, their Parents, and Other People, Too. The album is brilliant, with duets avec Andy Swan, Old Man Luedecke, and numerous others. There are eighteen tracks, each of them a different duet, and each one of them cute and darling and adorable. I believe she recently gave birth to a son, but I can't really find any information other than that. She was here, in Sackville, in the summertime, very pregnant, so I'm going on that. Anyway, she has celebrated this new phase of her life with this record--songs about parenthood and about childhood, about dinkies and about eating bugs, and even about the discovery of mortality. It is a beautiful album, altogether.

The most touching track on the album I think is What Happens To Animals, a duet with Mathias Korn from The Burning Hell, which details a child's discovery of the truth behind his pets' disappearances, with the help of his mother. Its beautiful and sad and speaks to the end of innocence, which is a far cry from a previous track. Planet Zorn, with Kim Barlow, is for the most part about eating bugs, and the lyrics in this post's title come therefrom.

Apart from this album in particular, Jenny plays as a multi-instrumentalist for The Barmitzvah Brothers, and this solo project is herself playing an omnichord, which is a delightful little electronic instrument which I'm falling in love with more every day.

Tune in to CHMA 106.9FM in Sackville, and you'll likely hear some of Jenny, or check out her myspace, or anything of the sort. This album is a gorgeous work of art, and will make you smile no matter how down you're feeling. Especially these two last tracks I'm putting up. Both of them are so dreamy and happy. Enjoy!

Jenny Omnichord - My Baby's Pregnant (with Old Man Luedecke)
Jenny Omnichord - Charlotte or Otis (with Andy Magoffin)

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